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Training program

  1. Overview
  2. Taxable operations
  3. Place of deliveries
  4. Place of services
  5. Tax exemptions/strict conditions to be held, especially intra community deliveries
  6. Tax base
  7. Emergence of Tax – cash taxation
    vice service taxation
  8. Deductibility of input tax
  9. Reverse charge system
  10. Tax returns and prepayment self  calculation 
  11. Tax audits 
  12. E-invoicing new legislation 2024/2025
  13. Case study – day revision


Matthias Lamprecht 

Tax Expert, Certified Tax Adviser, Lecturer

Matthias started his career in 1995 in an international auditing company in tax and law department. Since year 2000 he has been working for the Nacken Hillebrand Partner having variety of role starting with as a Tax Accountant, Certified Accountant. And in 2007 he became a partner specialized in taxation issues. Matthias has many years of experience as a lecturer, teaching taxation at Europaeiache Fachhochschule and The Cologne Chamber of Taxes and is a member of Steuerberater-Verband  – German Association of Tax Advisers.

Training details

Duration2 training sessions
Dates13 May 2024, hours 13:00 – 16:00
14 May 2024, hours 9:00 – 12:00
Placelive on-line workshop
Price440 EURO net + VAT/per participant
DiscountFor registration until 18 March:
/ 10% – individual discount
/ 15% – group discount – 2 people or more