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Training program

  1. VAT – general information
  2. VAT rates
  3. Legal references
  4. Who should be registered for Norwegian VAT? 
  5. Thresholds and exemptions 
  6. Petroleum industry
  7. Military deliveries
  8. Vessels and aircrafts
  9. Deductibility of input tax 
  10. What can be deducted through the VAT declarations? 
  11. When is the input VAT obsolete? 
  12. Sale of goods – export and import, domestic 
  13. Good swith installation 
  14. Example and cases 
  15. Sale of services 
  16. Remote delivered services 
  17. Place bound services – performe donsite 
  18. Hire of personnel 
  19. Example sand cases 
  20. VAT declarations 
  21. VAT returns – how does it look, and how is it submitted? 
  22. Frequency and deadlines 
  23. Obligations when having VAT liable activities 
  24. Contract reporting 
  25. Salary reporting 
  26. Bookkeeping 
  27. Audits – What can trigger an audit? 
  28. Material to submit 
  29. Penalties


Rune Plener

Managing Director at Momspartner AS 

Rune Plener is the co-owner and Director at Momspartner AS. Momspartner AS is a Norwegian VAT agency, working with VAT recovery and VAT compliance issues. Momspartner AS is also a chartered accountancy firm, acting as fiscal representative for foreign entities with VAT liable activities in Norway. 

Rune has been working with Norwegian VAT issues since 2009, and is currently the Norwegian VAT representative for more than 250 foreign companies. Rune has held many VAT training courses, both internally for colleagues and with clients. 

Training details

Duration2 training sessions
Dates27 May 2024, hours 13:00 – 16:00
28 May 2024, hours 9:00 – 12:00
Placelive on-line workshop
Price440 EURO net + VAT/per participant
DiscountFor registration until 18 March:
/ 10% – individual discount
/ 15% – group discount – 2 people or more